SHARK WATCH | A word from our CEO Gary Garth


Hi my name is Gary Garth and I'm the CEO of White Shark Media. Being the CEO for a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner company and being as authorized reseller comes with a lot of responsibility. It's basically my job to ensure that White Shark Media always adheres to the highest standards possible in the market and remains at the forefront of our industry technology- and product-wise. With that being said, I would say that my current number one objective is to foster a culture of excellence and world-class client services so that White Shark Media's reputation as a leading provider of online marketing solutions can remain intact. Thankfully, I have an exceptional team of hard-working, talented, and competitive individuals who has helped me overcome this challenge and actually made White Shark Media become one of the fastest-growing agencies in North America.

What motivates me? Well, a lot of things, but one thing that particularly gets me out of bed early a.m. every single morning is the rewarding experience when receiving thank-you letters, e-mails, and notifications from clients all across U.S., expressing their gratitude to us with a lot of emotions, a lot of feelings, after we have helped them crack the code with our online marketing efforts and finally created a profitable marketing campaign for their business.

You see the margin for error is so slim for small business owners in U.S. that a perfectly executed marketing campaign essentially can make the difference between profits, growth, and success, versus the opposite, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and a financial nightmare. And experiencing such success stories every day creates an amazing synergy. When our team and people realizes that White Shark Media's client-centric solutions and our proprietary software not only creates profits for us and the clients, but essentially fuels the U.S. economy by creating more jobs and better opportunities for small business owners across U.S.

By now, we have already helped thousands of business owners across U.S. succeed with our online marketing tactics. So I would say the next big project for White Shark Media besides continued growth is to educate business owners and advertisers about the growing U.S. Hispanic opportunity. You see a common misconception amongst business owners and marketing directors in U.S. is that U.S Hispanics aren't an audience that's worth pursuing and thereby allocating more marketing funds towards. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With a fast-growing population of 53 million U.S. Hispanics, we're $1.2 trillion in purchasing power. This is a huge opportunity in the market as can leverage. That is if they engage with an agency who understands this audience, who can create custom-tailored marketing campaigns with Spanish keywords, Spanish ad copy, and corresponding Spanish landing pages that are specifically designed for that audience. So we're trying to pioneer that approach, and we recently published a cooperative case study with Google on the subject, where we helped a gentleman out of Florida triple their amount of leads with his Spanish marketing campaigns in comparison to his English at a fraction of the cost.

And I can't wait to mass-produce similar success stories for advertisers who haven't yet exploited this opportunity and grabbed this low hanging fruit

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